Different Types of Travertine Pavers on Pool Deck

Travertine pool tiles have their own features but the most important thing that has to be kept in mind is to use them in the correct way.

Travertine Paver on pool Deck

Travertine paver pool deck is beyond those old fashioned concretes that are neither very strong nor resistible the weather. Here are some important facts. If one uses travertine pavers on pool deck then they are providing a different means of comfort to others. Travertine pool tile has special qualities as they are slip resistant and are able to bear changing process of the ever changing weather. But above all travertine pool stones when installed properly along with regular pavers provide benefits that work great together and last for decades to come. Choose Travertine Tampa Bay ’s line up of various grades of travertine which are used for different purposes and places.

Different Grades of Travertine Pavers

Some of the major travertine pavers grades are:

Premium Grade: They are known for their lifetime coloring shades. Their colors do not fade throughout their life. The only thing which is a limitation for the premium grade travertine pool tile is its holes. But they can be filled while travertine paver installation.The only thing which should be kept in mind while choosing premium grade is that one should avoid travertine with excessive holes.

Standard Grade: They are almost same to the premium grade travertine with only difference in their holes. But it has not cleared that when the holes are filled for second time then they are filled either by hands or some other technique. If you are buying travertine paver pool deck then you will find that generally company do not differentiate both the grades.

Commercial Grade: Commercial grade has many defects but they are allowed in this case. They are normally seen on dark colors along with the inclusion of black or gray color. One can see various defects like defects in honing and sometimes have cracked edges. But these are allowed in commercial grade and therefore people buy them without imposing their choices. Holes in commercial grade travertine are not filled with hands because there is no specific size of the holes.

So, from the above one can see available grades of travertine paver pool decks. It will not only help to choose travertine pool tile but will also help in travertine paver installation for travertine paver pool deck. So, what are you waiting for order it now to enjoy your landscape with these new features installed by Travertine Tampa Bay.